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Moeraki BouldersThese unusual and perfectly rounded boulders are located on a stretch of Koekohe Beach.Only 15 mins from Happy Valley B&B.

Katiki Point Lighthouse, Moeraki

Do some wildlife spotting here, including fur seals, blue penguins and yellow eyed penguins, and a variations of birdlife.

There is also a leisurely lighthouse walk that you can do here, taking in some beautiful scenery.

Only 25 mins from Happy Valley B&B.

Steampunk HQ

Featuring retro-futuristic sci fi art, movies, sculpture, immersive light and sound experiences.

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Wander through the towering limestone rocks at Elephant Rocks.

A geological wonder of the Waitaki, this unique landscape has featured in films such as Narnia: the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

A must in your journey up the scenic Waitaki Valley, about 1/2 hours drive from Happy Valley B&B

Beautiful Lake Benmore, one of several large hydro storage lakes on the Waitaki River system.

The return drive to see the sights of the Waitaki Valley takes a good half day.

Lakes, Rivers, Hydro Generating Dams, Wineries - plenty of attractions.

Clay Cliffs

Get lost in the hidden gem of the Omarama Clay Cliffs, which were formed over 2 million years ago.

Less than a 2 hour drive from Happy Valley B&B.

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Hot Tubs, Omarama

Experience your own private Eco Friendly baths of Hot Tubs Omarama.

90 mins from Happy Valley B&B.

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Oamaru Steam & Railway Enthusiasts Group operate this popular train around the harbour and Victorian Precinct.

Shag Point Seal Colony

Close encounters! Just 25 mins drive from Happy Valley B&B. 

These seals can be seen in their natural environment only a few meters from the car park.